Pulse dust collector is a common dust removal equipment used in today's environmental protection dust removal industry. With the development of the times, more and more industries are inseparable from dust collectors. It plays a huge role in processing dust or flue gas. The following are the things you need to pay attention to when using the pulse dust collector:

1. Control changes in air volume.

      The reduction of air volume will slow down the wind speed of the pipe and deposit dust in the pipe, thereby further promoting the reduction of air volume and affecting dust collection; increasing the air volume will lead to an increase in filtration speed, leading to the breakage of the dust bag, the relaxation of the bag, etc. Reasons for changes in the air volume of the dust removal system include: increased dust content at the inlet or high dust viscosity; dust cleaning or overhaul of the compartment; leakage or blockage of the dust collection body or pipe; improper opening and closing of the vacuum cover or branch pipe valve; fan Failure, etc. occur.

2. Control the cleaning time and cycle.

      The dust removal of pulse dust collector is an important factor affecting the dust removal performance and working conditions. Before cleaning, the dust on the dust bag will be transferred to the dust removal operation, so that the resistance will quickly recover and gradually increase. If the cleaning time is too long or the intensity is too high, it will cause dust to fall out at once, which may easily cause leakage and damage to the dust bag. Therefore, the cleaning time and cleaning intensity can be set within a certain range, for example, if the cleaning time is too short.

3. The filter bag has a short life and high dust removal resistance.

      At present, a relatively big problem is that the air volume is small and the dust bag life is short, which not only affects the dust removal effect, but also affects normal production. In response to this situation, adopting a scientific and reasonable dust cleaning cycle can not only improve the dust removal efficiency, but also extend the service life of the filter bag. When the pressure difference exceeds the allowable range, measures should be taken promptly. Therefore, when high-concentration dust enters the dust removal chamber for dust processing, the filtration speed is low and the flue gas temperature is high, a filter medium with a higher temperature should be selected.

4. The performance of the filter bag will also affect the use of the filter bag.

      During the operation of the gas dust bag, it is necessary to constantly observe the changes in the differential pressure gauge to determine whether there is a problem. If the pressure difference increases, it does not mean that the filter bag is clogged. Water vapor condensation occurs in the filter bag to varying degrees, and there is too much dust in the ash hopper, causing the dust bag to be clogged and the gas flow rate to increase. On the contrary, if the pressure difference decreases, it may mean that the filter bag is broken or loose, the inlet pipe is clogged or the valve is closed, there is leakage in the box or between boxes, and the fan speed is reduced.

5. Use test instruments to understand the operating status.

Bag filter chamber testing equipment can be used to measure pressure, as well as voltage and current values to determine changes in the main motor. "Through these values, we can know whether there is dust accumulation and changes in air volume; whether the dust bag is blocked, whether the dust bag is damaged or falling off; whether the dust cleaning mechanism fails; such as dust leakage; whether the fan is operating normally and whether the air volume is reduced ; Whether there is leakage in the dust bag chamber and channels; whether there is leakage in the cooling water, etc.

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