The belt conveyor uses the continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt to transport various items of different weights. It can transport various bulk materials, as well as various small goods such as cartons and packaging bags. It has a wide range of uses.

The characteristics of belt conveyor: wide conveying range, wide range of conveyed materials, strong adaptability, strong operational reliability, high safety, low maintenance cost, convenient loading and unloading

Advantages of belt conveyors:

  1. Wide conveying range:

    There are two types of belt conveyors: light and large. Light belt conveyors can transport less materials; large belt conveyors have higher working efficiency for light conveyors and can transport thousands of tons or tens of thousands of materials per hour. Tons of transportation tasks. The company selects suitable conveyors to complete conveying tasks according to different requirements.

  2. Wide range of materials to be transported:

    The types of conveyed materials can range from very fine powder to small lump materials. Special food-grade conveyor belts are used, and the rubber conveyor belts have strong corrosion resistance, so the maintenance costs incurred when conveying highly abrasive or corrosive materials are relatively low. Of course, the belt conveyor can also transport hot materials and alkaline materials with a certain temperature. It can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

  3. The transmission line has strong adaptability:

    Belt conveyors can adapt to the terrain, and bending in horizontal planes and spaces can reduce infrastructure investment and effectively avoid interference from roads, railways, and rivers in factories or other crowded areas. The length of the belt conveyor's transport line can be extended as needed.

  4. Convenient loading and unloading:

    The belt conveyor can be loaded at one or more points according to process requirements, and conversely, it can also be unloaded at multiple points or sections.

  5. Strong operational reliability:

    The operation of belt conveyors is very reliable and has been widely used in many important production units that require continuous operation.

  6. High safety

    The belt conveyor has high safety and requires only a few production personnel. This means that compared with other modes of transportation, the probability of accidents is less, and it can effectively avoid injuries caused by improper operation of large vehicles or large pieces of material falling down and injuring people. ACCIDENT.

  7. Low maintenance costs

    Belt conveyors typically require minimal labor hours and energy consumption per ton of bulk material, requiring maintenance personnel to spend less time completing repairs. Of course, smaller parts can be repaired and replaced quickly on site. Perfectly finished and low maintenance.

The above are the characteristics of the belt conveyor.

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