Recently, our customers have put forward the need to crush wood into fuel pellets.
After communication, we learned that the customer had plans for small-scale testing. In order to help the customer obtain a better cost-effective solution, our production staff and technical department made repeated assumptions and verifications of the solution, and finally customized a suitable production solution for the customer mechanical scheme.

  • For long materials, we recommend a force-feed wood crusher. Under the transportation of the feeding belt, the feeding speed is increased to maintain continuous crushing production, which is suitable for situations where the raw materials are too long and cannot be loaded and unloaded manually;
  • Regarding sawdust pelletizing, we recommend a flat die pellet machine to our customers. Sawdust materials can be fed stably under the conveyance of the feeding elevator to produce complete-shaped pellet finished products.

Regarding impurities such as metal fragments contained in wood.After communicating with the customer, the customer also showed great interest and expressed his willingness to carry out stable and lasting cooperation in the future.
As a professional machinery manufacturer, after understanding customer needs in detail, we will try our best to develop reasonable and cost-effective mechanical solutions for customers, which will be verified by the production and technical departments to meet customer needs.

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