Wood crusher machine is a professional equipment that can directly crush all kinds of waste wood, but do you know how to choose wood crusher machine?

Choosing wood crusher machine mainly considers the following points:

1. Machine output

      In fact, different users have different requirements for the output of the machine, so the general machine manufacturer will make several models of a machine, and the greater the power, the greater the output of the machine.

2. The crushed raw materials

      In fact, there are many kinds of waste wood. Different waste wood will be different in humidity, hardness or texture, but it is precisely because of this difference that our wood crusher machine has different working efficiency when working.

      If the size of the raw material is relatively large, such as wooden pallets, large-diameter logs, etc., a comprehensive crusher can be used; if it is a large tree stump, a disc crusher can be selected.

comprehensive crusher                 disc crusher

      If it is biomass material with a diameter less than 100 mm, such as bark, straw, coconut shell, etc., you can choose a branch crusher and a hammer crusher.

 branch crusher

3. Crushing particle size

      What particle size do you want the wood to be crushed into? Different machines can achieve different crushing effects.

      If the crushing particle size is required to be finer, it is recommended to choose from the following hammer-type wood crushers,which will have better results.

If it is only preliminary crushing, you can choose a comprehensive crusher, drum chipper or disc crusher

4. Drive

      At present, there are diesel engines and electric motors in wood crusher machine, so we can choose the drive according to our site. If it is convenient to use electricity, we can directly use three-phase electricity to provide power for wood crusher machine. However, if it is in the wild or in the case of insufficient electricity, choosing diesel engine as the drive will better report to the professional production.

Mobile Diesel Crusher

      All the above are the key points that should be paid attention to when choosing wood crusher machine. Only by doing the above, can we choose wood crusher machine that suits us best.

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