As a professional machinery manufacturer, we have been paying attention to customer needs for many years and manufacturing suitable machinery and equipment for customers.
      Regarding the shredder, we need to introduce the following matters to customers so that they can have a deeper understanding of the shredder.

Working principle:
      The shredder machine adopts dual-shaft independent driving, so that the materials can be pressed accordingly during production to achieve automatic feeding function. The unique cutter shaft structure and four-corner rotating cutter can achieve low-speed and high-torque production in the production process. , there will be no phenomenon of shaft winding or equipment jamming, thus improving production efficiency. This equipment is suitable for crushing various tough and viscous materials.
Common uses:
  1. Reduce the space occupied by garbage, thereby reducing the cost of domestic garbage shipping;
  2. Tear waste such as old tires into pieces and use them as fuel or filler;
  3. Shred paper or confidential documents so that they cannot be identified and read;
  4. Crushing of waste plastics before cleaning and regeneration;
  5. Destruction of counterfeit products, defective products, and electronic hard drives;
  6. Volume reduction and reduction of bulky waste and industrial hazardous waste;
  7. Pre-treatment and crushing of fruit and vegetable waste and organic waste for landfill fermentation;
  8. To prepare for the next process, the materials need to be refined.

Maintenance and maintenance:
  1. Equipment should be maintained regularly. Regularly add butter to the bearing part to reduce the resistance generated when the spindle rotates, improve the conversion of motor power, reduce the bearing wear rate, and increase the service time of the equipment.
  2. Check electrical equipment regularly and eliminate possible safety hazards in a timely manner.
  3. Regularly maintain the cutter shaft of the shredder to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  4. Tighten the anchor bolts of the waste plastic shredder regularly to avoid failure due to equipment vibration.

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