Wood chippers can be divided into two categories: fixed wood chipper and mobile wood chipper. The fixed wood chipper is mostly used in factories; the mobile wood chipper is generally used in forest areas and mountain farms. According to the structure of the working parts, it is divided into two types: drum wood chipper and disc wood chipper. According to the feeding mode, there are two types: oblique feeding and flat feeding.

      The most common classifications of wood chippers are drum chippers and disc chippers. Many customers are easily confused between these two kinds of wood chippers and do not know the differences between them. Today I will explain to you what is a disc chipper and what is a drum chipper.

      The disc wood chipper is composed of a cutter head, a cutting knife, a bottom knife, cutter head blades, etc. The rotor inside the disc chipper is a disc, and the blades are fixed on the cutter head through bolts. This machine has a flat feed and oblique feeding, which refers to the angle of the feeding port. The feed opening of the disc chipper is close to square, which is suitable for processing logs, thinning materials, bundles of branches, etc. The flying knife of the disc chipper moves in a plane, and the flying knife and the bottom knife can form a good shearing effect, with small jumping during cutting, and good quality of processed wood chips, less scraps. However, the disc wood chipper has an unavoidable disadvantage, that is, the adaptability range of the raw materials is very small. The raw materials for slicing are generally wood with relatively large diameter and uniform specifications

      The feed inlet of disc wood chipper is relatively small, so the feeding way generally requires manual feeding.If manual is used, the output has certain limitations.However the disc chipper is small and convenient to move, so if it needs to be used in the field, this machine can be made into diesel mobile machine, it would be a good choice. The wood chips chipped by disc chipper are generally used in paper mills, because paper mills have higher requirements for the quality of wood chips. The wood chips produced by this machine have flat cuts and uniform sizes. Therefore, the quality of the wood chips cut by the disc chipper is generally better than that of the drum chipper, and the size of the output is also more uniform than that of the drum chipper. Therefore, in the paper industry, disc chippers are generally chosen.

      What should to do if we need to cut some uneven wood? At this time, drum chippers will be used. Drum wood chipper: It is mainly used for cutting branches, small diameter wood, boards, slats, etc. with a diameter or thickness of less than 120 mm. The chipped wood chips are used as raw materials for fiberboard and pulp. The cutting mechanism is a rotating drum on which a number of flying knives are installed. When the flying knives rotate, the wood is processed into craft wood chips.

       The advantage of the drum chipper is its wide adaptability to raw materials. Not only can it cut logs, but it can also cut small-diameter wood, as well as a variety of logging and processing residues, as well as bamboo, cotton and hemp poles. The feed inlet of a drum chipper is usually rectangular, with a small height and a large width. It has great adaptability to various raw materials, but it is not suitable for cutting logs with larger diameters. The flying knife of the drum chipper moves in a circle, and the direction of the cutting force changes with the position of the flying knife. It cannot form a good shearing effect during cutting. When cutting wood, the vibration is large, the cutting power is high, and the materials are broken. many. The wood chips cut by this type of chipper are of lower quality, and drum chippers are more common in the wood-based panel industry.

      The purchasing selection of the two mainly differs from the customer's needs, and there is no real distinction between the advantages and disadvantages. However, generally speaking, the price of the drum wood chipper is higher than that of the disc chipper. So if you want to choose a wood chipper, you can choose according to your own needs. We recommend that you match it with other products to facilitate production, such as wood crusher, sawdust machine etc.

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