1. Requirements for raw material dryness of pellet machine

The dry humidity of raw materials is one of the main factors affecting the manufacturing effect and service life of the pellet machine.
  1. Over-wet raw materials will cause the pellet machine to become sticky when producing pellets, and may even stick to the die holes, causing equipment blockage. Therefore, the pellet machine requires the humidity of raw materials to be between 12% and 22% to ensure the normal use of the pellet machine.
  2. Over-dry raw materials also have an impact on the performance of the pellet machine. Raw materials with too low dryness are prone to dust, making it difficult for particles to stick together. Therefore, when the dryness of the raw materials required by the pellet machine is below 12%, water needs to be added for humidification.

2.Pellet machine considerations:

  1. Stones, iron blocks, and screws are not allowed to enter the machine. Careless entry may cause damage to the machine.
  2. When suppressing granules, avoid long-term idling of the pressing wheel and grinding disc, and keep up with the feeding.
  3. Always check the tightness of the screws and whether the pressure wheel bearings, universal joints, and spindle bearings are short of oil.
  4. If the pellet machine makes abnormal noise, it should be stopped immediately, check whether there are any foreign objects, and clean it before restarting the machine.

3.The formula of the grinding material:

      20% fine sand, 65% biomass raw material (wood chips), 15% waste engine oil, the dosage is 10% of the feed output per hour of the purchased model, and stir evenly.
      Abrasives can be used repeatedly; The grinding process is the same as making particles
      Just grind it for forty or fifty minutes. Whether in the process of granulating or grinding the grinding disc, materials are added evenly. The ground grinding disc can improve production efficiency and the service life of the machine.

4.When the grinding disc is clogged, it can be cleaned with abrasives

      First, take out the clogged grinding disc and put it back in reverse.
      After the machine is fixed, you can start the machine to use abrasives to clear the grinding disc. The amount of abrasives should be added from small to large. After the machine adapts, add evenly.
      The clogged material in the grinding disc is cleared out and the process is complete.
      In order to prevent the grinding disc from clogging, you can use abrasives to clean the raw materials in the grinding disc after each use of the machine.

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