Application Industry

Sawdust wood crusher can be used in furniture manufacturing, construction industry, wood processing industry, landscaping, orchards

Product introduction

Product introduction
  1. It is a forestry processing equipment that processes wood materials such as wood and branches into sawdust and sawdust.
  2. Widely used in power plants, paper mills, charcoal production lines and other industries.
  3. The machine is mainly composed of a cutter head, a crushing chamber and a screen.
  4. The fineness of the sawdust can be adjusted and adjusted by changing the screen.
  • Sawdust wood crusher has a low consumption, it can save 15% power than normal wood crusher.
  • A sawdust wood crusher has a scientific and compact structure, it very convenient to transport and it save your working site.
  • The blades of our sawdust wood crusher are used of alloy material, they have a long using life.
  • Our sawdust wood crusher is full automatic, one people can complete the whole crushing process. It can save your labor investment.
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Working principle

Sawdust wood crusher adopts the double crushing functions of blade cutting, high-speed airflow impact and collision in one body, and can complete the sorting process of micro materials at the same time. In the process of cutting and crushing the blade, the rotor generates high-speed airflow, which rotates with the cutting direction of the blade, and the material accelerates in the airflow, and repeatedly shocks the material to be crushed at the same time to accelerate the crushing rate of the material.
Working principle

Performance parameter

Model Power(KW) Capacity(t/h) Inlet size(mm) Number of Blade(pcs.) Diameter of cutter disk(mm)
420 7.5/11 0.3~0.5 170*150 4 420
500 22 0.7~1 200*170 4 500
600 30 1~1.5 220*190 4 600
700 37 1.5 230*200 6 600
900 55 2 250*250 8 750
1000 75 2.5 270*270 8 850
1200 90-6 3 360*360 8 1000
1500 110-6 5 440*440 8 1160

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Production case

Wood crushing

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