Application Industry

It is widely used in sand making, granulation, chimney ash crushing, coal crushing, wood crushing and other industries.

Product introduction

Product introduction
Forced feed wood crusher is a special mechanical equipment specially used to crush wood. It is improved on the basis of the famous Hammer Mill. Compared with the ordinary Hammer Mill, the forced feed wood crusher has higher efficiency and finer crushing size. It has strong crushing ability and can crush the wood into fine particles to achieve wood crushing of different shapes and sizes. .
  • Automatic feeding, saving time and effort.
  • The inner shell of the main machine of the forced-feed wood crusher is equipped with a wear-resistant lining board, which is strong and durable.
  • The forced wood crusher uses the principle of magnetic roller extrusion to work more efficiently and has a higher discharge rate.
mature project design, and complete
after-sales service process.


Working principle

  • 1.The forced-feed wood crusher integrates blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, collision, and dual crushing functions, and can complete the fine material sorting and processing process.

  • 2.During the cutting and crushing process of the blade, the rotor generates high-speed airflow, which rotates in the cutting direction of the blade. The material is accelerated and impacted repeatedly in the airflow, so that the material is double crushed in the wood crusher at the same time, accelerating the crushing rate of the material.

Working principle

Performance parameter

Model Power(KW) Fan Power(KW) Rotarting Speed(rpm) Feeding Port Size(mm) Capacity(TPH) Main Machine Weight(Kg)
600 18.5-22 3 3400 300x200 0.3-0.8 360
800 37-45 5.5 2200 630x250 0.8-2 1500
1000 55-75 7.5 2200 1000x300 1.5-3 2200
1300 45x2 7.5 2200 800x300 2.5-5 2600
1500 55x2 11 2200 1300x350 3-8 3800

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Production case

Wood crushing

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