Application Industry

Used for drying in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries

Product introduction

Product introduction
  • Dry raw materials: granular raw materials such as rice husks, sawdust and crushed flowers, branches, wood chips (diameter less than 3mm, length less than 5mm).
  • Production efficiency: When the hot air is 180°C, sawdust or rice husk with a relative humidity of 35% is dried to a relative temperature of 10%.
  • Fuel options: wood (broken firewood), coal, steam or electric heating.
  • This wood dryer reduces the moisture to 8-12%.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Short drying time
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Simple structure
mature project design, and complete
after-sales service process.


Working principle

  • 1. Granular wet materials are added from the feeding port, and the hot gas passes through the porous gas distribution plate at the bottom of the fluidized bed, forming many small airflows that are injected into the material layer.
  • 2. When the operating air speed is controlled within a certain range, the granular materials are suspended in the rising air flow to form a boiling fluidized bed. The granular materials in the material layer collide with each other and mix violently, resulting in a heat and mass transfer process between the gas and solid phases. It is strengthened so that the material can be dried.
  • 3. The dried product is discharged through the bed side discharge pipe, the wet waste gas is extracted from the top of the bed by an induced draft fan, and a small amount of entrained fine powder is separated by a cyclone separator.
Working principle

Performance parameter

Model Power(kw) Voltage  Size(cm) Weight(kg) Capacity(kg/h)
HG-219 4 380V,50HZ 500*160*350 1200 400-600
HG-325  5.5 380V,50HZ 1100*160*350 1800 800-1000
HG-420 7.5 380V,50HZ 1300*160*350 2500 1000-1500

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Production case

Wood crushing

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