Application Industry

Drum chippe is widely used in the material preparation section of particleboard factories, medium and high density fiberboard factories, straw factories, bio-power plants, wood chip factories and other industries and manufacturers. Former preferred device.

Product introduction

Product introduction
Drum chipper is a special equipment for preparing various high-quality wood chips. It is used in wood chip production and export bases in paper mills, particleboard factories, and fiberboard factories. It can cut logs, small-diameter wood, etc. into high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, smooth incision, and uniform thickness. It can also cut branches, boards, etc.
  • Compact structure and small footprint;
  • The chipping quality is good and the continuity is strong;
  • Low noise and small vibration;
  • Suitable for mass production;
mature project design, and complete
after-sales service process.


Working principle

The wood is fed in through the feed port. When the wood contacts the cutting blade, it is cut with the high-speed rotation of the cutting disc. The cutting mechanism is a rotating drum with several flying knives installed on it. The flying knives rotate. The wood is processed into wood chips. There are multiple square through holes on the outer edge of the drum. The cut qualified pieces fall through the mesh screen holes and are discharged from the bottom. The large pieces will be cut again in the machine.
Working principle

Performance parameter

Model GX216 GX218 GX2113
Feeder Size(mm) 500*270 700*300 700*450
Qty Of Fly Cutter(pcs) 2 2 3
Operating Speed(r/m) 650 650 500
Max Feeder(mm) 230 300 450
Capacity(t/h) 7-8 12-15 15-30
Main Power(kw) 55 110 220
Feeder Power(kw) 3-4 4-5 7.5*2
Oil Pump Power(kw) 1.5*1 1.5*1 3*1
Weight(kg) 4070 7000 11840
External Dimensions(mm) 1800*1900*1210 2200*2150*1500 3670*2517*2050
Return Power(kw) 3 3 4

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Production case

Wood crushing

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