Application Industry

The metal shredder is widely used in scrap metal recycling, metal smelting, metal processing and reuse fields, steel mills, steel casting mills and other related industries.

Product introduction

Product introduction
Metal shredder is a professional equipment for coarsely crushing of various large-volume, high-hardness scrap steel and aluminum, which is commonly used in scrap metal recycling, metal scrap treatment, metal processing industry and abandoned vehicle processing. Metal shredder is mainly composed of shredding blade group, bearing box, frame, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. It is mainly used for shredding light and thin metals with certain strength to increase their packing density so as to facilitate transportation and recycling. Shredded objects include metal barrels, refrigerators, automobiles, waste steel, steel furniture, etc.



  • Metal shredder is suitable for a variety of materials. The metal shredder can shred various waste steel bars, metals, metal pressing blocks, metal impurities and other materials and so on.
  • The metal shredder also has the advantages of large shredding ratio, high production efficiency and small discharge particle size. 
  • Large torque, high output, low noise and wear resistance.
  • The machine is controlled by a PC system. The knife can be rotated in opposite direction and also can close automatically if something unexpected happens, with very high safety service.
  • The knife material is made of alloy steel with high quality and a long lifetime.
  • Low speed, low noise, and little dust.
mature project design, and complete
after-sales service process.


Working principle

The metal shredder shears, extrudes and tears large metal materials or large-size metal materials which are inconvenient to transport into strip and block materials that meet the requirements. The material enters the inside of the shredding box body through the feeding system. The box body is equipped with shredding knife rollers. The material is shredded into small pieces by the comprehensive actions of mutual tearing, extrusion and shearing of the two knife rollers, which are discharged from the discharge port at the lower part of the box body.
Working principle

Performance parameter

Model Size(L*W*H)(mm) Feed Inlet Size(mm) Blade Diameter(mm) Blade Thickness(mm) Blade Quantity Power(kw) Weight(kg)
SZ-500 2800*1300*1850 500*480 200 20 24 11*2 2200
SZ-800 3000*1300*1850 800*480 200 20 40 15*2 2500
SZ-1000 3300*1900*2200 1000*690 300 40 24 22*2 5200
SZ-1200 3600*2000*2200 1200*690 330 40 30 30*2 6400
SZ-1500 4180*2100*2400 1500*690 550 50/75 30/20 55*2 9000
SZ-1800 5800*2400*3300 1800*1206 550 50/75 36/24 75*2 13600
SZ-2000 6400*2700*3500 2000*1490 600 50/75 40/26 90*2 20100
SZ-2500 7500*3200*3800 2500*1800 600 75/100 32/24 110*2 25000
SZ-3000 8600*3500*4000 3000*1800 600 75/100 40/30 160*2 31000

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Production case

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