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The molded pellet fuel is a new type of bioenergy, which can replace firewood, draw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, and biomass power plants and so on.

Product introduction

Product introduction
Biomass pellet machine is a kind of biomass energy pretreatment equipment. It mainly uses agricultural and forestry processing waste such as wood chips, straw, rice husk, bark, and other biomass as raw materials, and solidifies it into high-density pellet fuel through pretreatment and processing. Biomass pellet machine is divided into flat-die biomass pellet machine and ring-die biomass pellet machine.
  • The density of raw materials is generally about 0.6-0.8, and the density of the formed particles is greater than 1.1, which is very convenient for transportation and storage.
  • Its combustion performance is greatly improved, and the dependence of human beings on petrochemical energy and atmospheric emissions are reduced.
  • Pellet fuel is made by extruding sawdust, straw and other raw materials by pressing roller and ring die at normal temperature.
  • The calorific value can reach 3400~4800 kcal. It is a solid fuel with high volatile content and low sulfur content.
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Working principle

  • 1.The flat die pellet machine enters the pressing chamber vertically by its own weight, the raw material falls into the gap between the pressing rollers from top to bottom, and are pressed into the die hole by the rotating rollers. The long cylindrical objects are extruded from the bottom of the die hole and cut into particles by the cutter.
  • 2.The ring die pellet machine adopts mechanical forced feeding. The ring die pellet machine rotates under the drive of the motor, and the raw material enters the granulation room and is taken into the working area;
  • 3.The pressure roller also begins to rotate with the help of friction in the working area, and the material moves forward faster;
  • 4.The extrusion force and the density of the material gradually increase, when the extrusion force is greater than the friction between the material and the inner wall in the mold hole, the material is squeezed into the ring die hole;
  • 5.The material is continuously squeezed into the ring die hole, and after forming, it is pressed out and cut off by the cutter to form a granular feed.
Working principle

Performance parameter

Model Motor(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(L) Size(mm)
HC560 90 1.3-1.8 4 2900X1200X2920
HC580 92-132 1.8-2.2 4.5 2900X1200X2920
HC650 110-160 2-2.5 5 2900X1200X2920
HC850 220 3-3.5 6 2900X1200X2920

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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