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Plastic shredder is suitable for shredding and recycling various waste plastics. It is widely used in the crushing and processing of municipal domestic waste, industrial waste, and agricultural waste. It plays an important role in the field of resource recycling and regeneration. It can also be used in medicine、cosmetics、building materials、chemical industry、food and other industries of waste material processing.

Product introduction

Product introduction
Plastic shredder machine is an efficient and reliable industrial equipment, which is widely used in plastic recycling and reuse industry. It adopts double-shaft design, and can handle various types of plastic waste and waste rubber products, such as PET bottles, PE bags, PVC pipes, PE plastic pipes, bundled plastic films, large piles of plastic sheets and so on.
  • Plastic shredder has strong power and excellent wear resistance, and can shred waste materials into small pieces quickly and thoroughly.
  • Its dual-shaft design can provide greater shredding power and higher shredding efficiency, making waste processing more efficient.
  • The plastic shredder also has an automatic control system and is easy to operate, which can maximize the shredding effect and reduce energy consumption.
  • This shredder also has the function of preventing blockage and overload protection, effectively protecting the equipment and prolonging its service life.
  • Precision knife tool design and materials ensure cutting quality and durability
  • Low speed, low noise, and little dust.
mature project design, and complete
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Working principle

The plastic shredder uses the principle of extruding, shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to crush materials in order to reduce the size of materials.
Working principle

Performance parameter

Model 1900 1500 1200 1000 600
Main shaft power(kw) 4-90*2 4-45*2 4-37*2 4-30*2 4-15*2
Main shaft speed(r/min) 30-40 30-40 30-40 30-40 30-40
capacity(t/h) 10-25 8-18 6-15 5-10 2-5
weight(t) 15 12 6 5 2.5
Feeding Power(kw) 4-3 4-3 None None None
Blade Qty 50 46 42 34 20
  Different materials, the Qty of blade claws and blades are different, and can be customized.
Blade Dia.(mm) Φ600 Φ550 Φ400 Φ400 Φ400
Output Size(cm) 3-10 3-10 3-10 3-10 3-10
Hopper Size(m) 2.3*2 2*2 1.4*1 1.2*1 0.82*0.9
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)(m) 8*2.5*2.4 4*1.7*2.4 3.2*2*1.9 3*2*1.9 2.6*2*1.9

*Note: Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Production case

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